3 thoughts on “Ask MGS President”

  1. Your Honourable Mr President!

    Congratulations on the latest addition to this website. I believe that this blog will be of much value to all of those using this website. I am looking forward to reading about your insights about chess.

  2. Good day mr President
    Thanks once again for all your hard work with chess in this region!

    Just a quick question : The tournament scheduled for 11 June 2016 will be on the same day as the regional schools chess to be held in Middelburg. Many of the children have qualified to play in the Middelburg tournament and will not be able to attend the tournament for that reason. Can we not possibbly look at another date for this tournament?


  3. O’Brien
    It also came as a surprise to me when I heard on Saturday that the Mpumalanga Schools Finals are on 11 June. We did not receive any communication from the Department in this regard.
    We will unfortunately not be able to reschedule the tournament for 11 June because the venue has already been booked in advance. Consideration will be given to those players who qualified for the School Finals.
    We will try and arrange another tournament for those interested.

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